30 Things to do when you`re bored




1. Go for a walk

2. Bake something

3. Read a book

4. Ride your bike

5. Paint something

6. Play a game

7. Do a facemask

8. Organize your closet

9. Work out

10. Watch a movie

11. Try on your whole closet

12. Call a friend

13. Online shopping

14. Organize your phone, iPad or pc

15. Try a new activity

16. Do yoga

17. Write in a journal

18. Write down a morning routine you want to try

19. Paint your nails

20. Learn to edit photos

21. take an online course on youtube

22. Make a music playlist

23. Write a bucket list

24. Make a Pinterest board

25. Learn a new language

26. Try a DIY project

27. Read a blog

28. Take selfies

29. Play with your pet (If you have any)

30. Make a bucket list